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Ministry Opportunities
Abundant Life Missions, Inc. has established five major projects/enterprises in rural villages in Malawi, Southeast Africa.

I. Abundant Life Missions Christian Church
Abundant Life Missions Christian Church was dedicated to the glory of God on August 12, 2012.. The church membership has grown beyond expectations in one year.  There is a need for additional benches and chairs for the new edifice to accommodate the growing congregation.

During Abundant Life Missions' annual visit in August, Vacation Bible School, Men and Women's classes, Health Clinics and church services were held at 6 other churches in rural villages.

II. Living Water Well Project
Twelve wells have been dug as of November 2013. The health status in the villages has greatly improved, especially in the children now that they have clean water accessible.. The Chief in Namatingwi Village stated that before the well was dug there were many cases of Cholera in the village. Since the well was dug there has been only two deaths from Cholera and those were two people who continued to get water from the river. . Many lives have been saved. The cost of a well is approximately $1500.00 USA. Will you help bring clean water to another rural village? Clean water saves lives.

III. Economic Empowerment

This project is designed to train older teenagers and women to become tailors. An experienced tailor is hired to teach the ladies. Abundant Life Missions purchases the sewing machines, fabric and all necessary items during the training period. The training program is for 4 months after which time the students will be able to make clothes for men, women and children. The students who successfully complete the program earn their sewing machine. Financing is provided by Abundant Life Missions for the graduates to start their business. New classes are scheduled to begin in July . The cost of a sewing machine is $125.00.

Education is the catalyst which empowers women in Africa. Abundant Life Missions is currently sponsoring two students to complete or further their education. Ms. Chilungamo Thuma has completed her course in secretarial skills and received her certificate. She is now enrolled in a higher level technical College to obtain a degree. Our other 19 year old student is finishing 12th grade. Secondary school is approximately $125.00

per semester. The cost of Poly technical College is approximately $1,2000.00 dollars for a complete course in any trade.

IV. The Bicycle Program
Bicycles are purchased and donated to individuals who are interested in starting a business. The Rent A Ride business is comparable to our taxi service. The bicycle owner provides transportation to people who need assistance home with their market purchases or who need transportation to another destination. Another business is the bicycle owner goes to the lake to purchase fish which is brought back to market for sale. This business is very profitable. Bicycles are also donated to Pastors so they can visit members and other villages to preach the gospel. The cost of a good bicycle is approximately $120.00 depending upon the exchange rate.

V. Health Care

Health Clinics are conducted at least annually in rural villages where the people do not have the means to access the health centers or hospital. Adults and children are treated for various conditions. In some serious or severe conditions it is often necessary to provide resources for the people to go to the hospital. Parasites and anemia are often evident in the children. Many adults have hypertension, arthritis and diabetes. Persons with AIDS and Tuberculosis also come to the health clinics. Medications are purchased in Malawi to treat these conditions/diseases.

Persons interested in supporting the ministry or traveling to Malawi may write to Abundant Life Missions, Inc. P.O. Box 43878 Los Angeles, CA 90043 Donations may be sent to the same address or paid by PayPal on our website abundantlifemissions.org.

Abundant Life Missions
P.O. Box 43878
Los Angeles, CA 90043

"Yes, God will give you much so that you can give away much, and when we take your gifts to those who need 
them they will break out into thanksgiving and praise God for your help."
2 Corinthians 9:11 (New Living Testament)
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